Costas Soler (UC Berkeley): Founder and Lead Product Architect of Blue Dot

A message from our founder:

I’ve wanted to explore the unknown since I was a little kid. So in 2015, I enrolled at UC Berkeley to double major in Astrophysics and Marine Science. While I was a student there, I operated telescopes at the Lick Observatory, I published research papers on comets and supernovas, and I worked on some NASA spaceships at the Space Sciences Laboratory. It was surreal to get to contribute to the academic community, but I felt like I had neglected some problems back on Earth. In 2017, we learned that climate change had wiped out 30% of the Great Barrier reef - a place that inspired me to explore the universe from a young age. I thought there must be a more direct way to help.


So last year, I made a change. I wanted it to be impossible for people to ignore what was happening beneath the waves. I taught myself to program - from writing the obligatory “hello world” to building entire apps. And I also learned to use design software. And to top it all off, I built a giant 3D printer in my dorm room closet. After months of seemingly endless learning, designing, experimenting, and redesigning, I built the Model C. 

It’s the most affordable and versatile underwater drone kit you’ll find. It offers an educational building experience, and you can pilot it with a sleek and intuitive app for capturing underwater photographs, video, and data. No need to bring your laptop to the beach to control this underwater drone!

And if you want to take your ROV experience to the next level, all our software is open sourced. That means that you can customize your vehicle's controls, and even design your own accessories and instruments. 

Let's open source the ocean.

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