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Costas Soler (with his closet 3D printer) 

From the Dorm Room to the Deep Sea




Costas Soler

First ROV Dive

May 29 2018

Webstore Opened

November, 2019

I launched Blue Dot ROV from my dorm room at UC Berkeley, in 2018. While I was studying Marine Science, climate change wiped out a third of the Great Barrier reef. I wanted to make the ocean more accessible - and important - to everyone back on land. 

At the time, I didn’t know anything about coding, engineering or design. I just knew that I loved the ocean, and I wanted everyone else to love it too. So I spent months teaching myself to code, work design software, and even built a 3D printer in my closet to create my own prototypes.


Today, people all over the U.S. and Europe are building my underwater drone kits. And that means more people get to explore the ocean, and fall in love with our blue planet.

-Costas Soler

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