Easily maneuver your ROV with this submersible motor and propeller assembly. Our ROV thrusters use the same motor housing found in submersible bilge pumps. This reliable hardware prevents leakage and guarantees safe operation to depths of 40 feet. Containing DC motors, these thrusters are easy to install, and can be operated with hardware as simple as an on/off switch, to PWM-controlled reversible motor drivers like those in our Model C ROV kit. The plastic housing encloses nearly all of the motor's metallic hardware. This eliminates the risk of corrosion, making your thrusters much easier to maintain than comparable brushless motors.  
Voltage: 12 voltsMax Current Draw: 3 amps

Shaft Diameter: 3 mmPropeller 

Material: Propellers printed in PLA (Biodegradable) 

Tools Required
For permanent installation, you'll need solder, soldering iron, and, depending on your ROV's pressure vessel, you may need a waterproof sealant (epoxy, varnish, etc.) 

Note: In the event of cancellation for orders of 5 or more motors, we retain $10 per motor. This policy is in place to help us recover a portion of the costs from making the motors. However, if your motors are defective, we will gladly replace your item or issue a full refund at your discretion. Please allow one week for your order to ship.

Waterproof ROV Motor

  • 30-day warranty: We'll replace your ROV thruster for any faults in workmanship or damage due to water ingress to depths up to 40 feet.

    Shipping: Please allow up to 1 week for this item to ship as we 3D print your propellers.