Model C - the DIY Underwater Robot

The Model C is a multi-function ROV kit that enables anyone to become a DIY ocean explorer. Open source software, 3D-printable hardware upgrades, and an 8Mpx camera with adjustable tilt makes it versatile in every way. You can even expand your ROV to deploy custom payloads and carry out experiments.


One Important Thing: The Model C is a fantastic intro to ocean exploration, but it's currently a kit that's geared toward makers and developers. It's awesome to play with, and you'll have the most fun if you're ready to solder, glue, and tinker with electronics. 


The Model C takes about 2-3 days to assemble, with every step of the process carefully documented in our instruction manual.



The Model C is 12in wide, 12in long, and 9in tall. It's designed to reach depths of 100ft, and weighs about 5lb when assembled. 



How deep can it go?

We've tested the Model C to 60 feet, but is designed to reach depths of 100 feet. 


How much payload can it carry?

2-3lbs! We designed the forward weight containers to be removable, in case you want to replace them with heavy payloads. By mounting your payloads on the forward section of the ROV, you'll be able to keep an eye on your gear throughout your dive.


How do I control my Model C?

You can control your Model C kit from any Android device running Android 7 or higher. Download our free Blue Dot Mobile App to turn any Android device into a Blue Dot ROV cockpit!


What tools do I need to build my ROV?

Building the kit only requires a few basic tools and hardware.

You'll need:

  • a basic screwdriver set
  • a soldering iron
  • sandpaper
  • One 3S 2200mah LiPo battery
  • One balance charger.


**Current version: Model C v 0.1.1

Blue Dot ROV Kit, Model C

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