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This kit contains all the assembled parts of your own Model C underwater drone. The Model C is the product of years of testing and experimenting off the coast of Southern California. 


The Model C takes about 10 minutes to prepare for a dive, with every step carefully documented on our instructables page. The Model C is geared towards people who want an affordable way to explore and document the underwater world, but don't necessarily have backgrounds in coding or engineering. All you need is a battery, plug it in, and have fun! 


*Does not include battery or charger


We recommend the following items to power your kit:

Small USB Power bank to power WiFi module

LiPo battery to power your ROV

LiPo charger


The Model C, fully assembled

  • Ships in 4 weeks or less US. Ships in 6 weeks overseas.

    We're happy to refund any defective and/or undamaged and unused items within 30 days of delivery after they are returned to us. We are unable to cover return shipping costs.

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