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underwater drones

Create, experiment, and explore 

with Blue Dot ROV

Made by You

Explore the ocean with something you created yourself. The kit's satisfying build experience gives you a solid understanding of the drone's hardware.

You'll be well-equipped to expand your sub with all the experiments and tools you invent.


Built-in GoPro clips, and 3D printable hardware upgrades let you capture every dive with your favorite action cams

Biodegradable Hardware

Building robots can be resource-intensive. To minimize our impact on the planet we love, we make our kits using biodegradable plastic. 

This means less plastic waste comes out of our workshop, and no guilt if you lose a propeller!


Is there an app for that...?

There sure is! Our free app turns your Android device into a high-def and intuitive ROV cockpit.

Download the Blue Dot Mobile app on Google Play. Customize and learn more about the app's code on GitHub!

Join our global network

Never worry about being lonely (while exploring the ocean) again! With a Model C ROV, you'll be part of the mission to explore our planet's oceans, and enter our worldwide community of underwater makers. Each pin shows the location of a Blue Dot ROV build. Where will you make your mark? 

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